Marianne Halpin

Artist Bio/Statement 2015

Marianne Halpin, who lives on Tamborine Mountain in the Gold Coast hinterland, is an artist who captures emotion first and foremost in her figurative and semi-abstract portrait paintings.

From her cozy rainforest studio, she paints both in acrylics and oils, and utilizes gesso and other media for creating interesting texture. She likes the use of contrasting colours to “sing” next to each other.

This Finnish-born artist is influenced in her figurative work by Modigliani, with his stylized portraits, and other expressionist artists of the early twentieth century. Regular weekly life drawing sessions are an essential part of her art practice.

Lately she has also become interested in drawing some of the local birdlife that visit her deck and around her studio, and making greeting cards with her sketches.

My artistic endeavors over the last few years have been mainly figurative drawing, painting (acrylics and oils), and occasionally printmaking, focusing on body language and facial emotions.

People of all shapes and sizes appear on my paper or canvas; sometimes they’re fairly subtle, so that you have to get up close to explore their stories and relationships, or they may be bold and semi-abstract.

I like to explore the age-old themes of human experience and psyche, and often draw upon my interest in mythology such as the epic of the Finnish people – the Kalevala.

You can contact Marianne at

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