Helen Griffin

Helen Griffin

Landscape Impressions: oils on canvas

Artist’s Statement

I paint because I can – in the sense that I now have time to do so. I love to paint – whether it’s the turps high, the immediacy of line, the drama of contrast or my ongoing dalliance with and discovery of colour – I’m not sure.  And I do and I don’t know where I’m going when I commence a painting.   I am sometimes  pleased with the new reality created – different from but I hope capturing  the essence of the original image.

I paint at the Creative Art Centre on Tamborine Mountain where I have rekindled my interest in oils and landscape.  I am indebted to Steve Buntrock, from the Gold Coast Art School, who has inspired and guided me over the last seven years. I have exhibited, but not recently, in a number of local venues, in the Northern Rivers and at the Gold Coast.

I believe that an artist’s work is an artist’s statement: it is for others to use the pen and comment if necessary. But I acknowledge, after being reminded, that an artist’s statement is useful for promotional purposes, and it may be the basis for another connection between artist and viewer.  At times, however, statements have done the opposite for me, when I have been subjected to pretentious waffle that is an assault on the English language.

My images are based on photographs taken around Australia including the Gold Coast and other parts of our eastern coast from North Queensland to The Entrance and Mallacoota in Victoria.  There are also our amazing national parks, an ongoing inspiration to me.

Helen Griffin

Email address: grahameandhelen45@gmail.com

Phone: 07 55450043


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