Anna Beveridge

Anna Beveridge

Artist  Statement

I am an artist who is deeply affected by the natural world around me.

I am  inspired to create work that uses light, line, colour and surface to emphasize the moods of nature.

My interpretation of the landscape may be stylised or semi abstract, and in my art I  choose to paint

a unique vision of my chosen subject matter.

Layers of my chosen medium are applied to create atmospheric images, often producing evocative and dramatic effect. Textural surfaces add depth and interest.

I respond with emotion to nature and my painting may move beyond actual depiction into new dimensions.

My art can be representational but rarely an observational record. It can be abstract or expressionist,

and even decorative.

I encourage the viewer to wander within the painting and enjoy it’s beauty. On their journey, they may glimpse a fleeting vision of a past memory. I love to follow changing moods on my own journey in creativity, with the process of painting sweeping me along to an unknown destination.

My aim is to produce art with beauty and depth that reflects the spirit and mystery of the natural world. With this as my inspiration, I create paintings that communicate emotion and visual splendour to the viewer.

Anna is a member of the Pastel Society of Australia, (PSA)

The Royal Queensland Art Society, (RQAS)

The Oxenford Pastellists and Painters Society (TOPPS),

The Tamborine Mountain Arts Collective (TMAC)

The Art Gallery Collective (TAGC)


Phone: Mobile 0422411599,   AH 5545 0206