Grant Success Brings Joy in New Year to the TM Arts Collective

It’s been a long road to this point for the TM Arts Collective.

Pictured, Shannon Hunter: a woman on a mission. Installing the Collective’s storage units. Her two warrior assistants are taking a break.

We have attracted two grants this year: first, the Volunteers Grant thanks to Janis Bailey: and second, the Community Grant thanks to Shannon Hunter for her work meeting the deadline.

The Collective’s earlier nomadic lifestyle is no more thanks to these storage units, but more importantly to the generosity of the TM Show Society for granting the Collective the use of space at the showground for storage, meetings and workshops.

The Collective was also able to improve the lighting in the downstairs space in the showground pavilion and put in air conditioning with this same grant money. This will enhance this space for all users – not only Collective members

In return, Collective members are asked to help out at the monthly markets and at the grand TM Showtime Carnival.

We are happy to do this and have a roster for the markets.

For the Showtime Carnival coming in March, Collective members will be running children’s craft activities as well as assisting with the afternoon competitions.